I filled as many Rails internship as they came on Internshala. One of them was GyanDhan. I didn't have a good command on Rails at that time.Before the internship, I am talking about.

I didn't remember the date when they called me for HR round interview. I was quite nervous as I want that internship because they were about to pay 10,000 INR and it was a huge jump for a guy who did his last internship, at 3000. I heard a voice, what you said. Should I prefer knowledge over money? Ya that's right but money is money, can't help.

Ok, so I finally got over with HR round of interviewer. It was Mr. Ankit Mehra the CEO of the company who examined me first. I was on the seventh sky as I thought, I got what I want. But know wait for the dragon. Now Mr. Jayant the CTO of the company was there.

For me, it was like the boss fight of a video game. Somehow I survived the test assignment and other technical rounds and finally landed to my first 10,000 INR internship.

In the starting days, it was one other man inside me continuously saying to me to quit this internship and run away. Browser automation testing was the first work I got, and CTO wants everything perfect. It should not be more complex, test suit should be modular, and most importantly it should be fast, and easy to update. In an internship of two months, I spend 1 month in this.

But every effort you do make you more pro. I have invented this quote while writing this blog. But you got my feelings right? Now when I thought about those days I feel that it was highly professional working with them. And yes I really understand the things and how they work in Rails there.

Next, one month was good. I never felt the same again. I remember there was a week when I am zero productive but still they talk nicely to me. Now that's a big thing.

Everyone there was a cricket fan and we used to play for 10 to 20 minutes every day in our office. Does it sound unprofessional to you? Let me tell you those are the awesome guys you can ever work with. They work like a pro and do quality work alongside playing cricket. And after that short match my productivity suddenly improves, the bug I am trying to fix got usually fixed, after the match.

"GyanDhan is the best startup to work with". Ya, this is the thing I am trying to say.